Electronic Date Exclusion Clause


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The Insurance contract excludes loss, damage, liability or expenses arising from or in any way connected, whether directly or indirectly, with;

  1. The actual or anticipated failure or inability of any computer or electronic device or component or system or embedded programming or software, whether or not belonging to or in the possession of the original direct Assured;
    1. Correctly and unambiguously to assign any date to the correct day, week, year or century;
    2. Correctly to recognize or compute any date which is or is intended to be beyond 31 December 1998;
    3. To continue to operate as it would have done had its current date, the true date and any other date relevant to any function being carried out by it been prior to 1 January 1999.
  1. The use of any arbitrary, ambiguous or incompletely defined date in any data software or embedded programming;
  2. Any measures taken with the intention of averting or minimizing any of the above.


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