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It is noted and agreed this policy is hereby amended as follows :

The insurer will not pay for damage or consequential loss directly or indirectly caused by, consisting of, or arising from:

  1. Any functioning or malfunctioning of the Internet or similar facility, or of any intranet or private network or similar facility,
  2. Any corruption, destruction, distortion, erasure or other loss or damage to date, software or any kind of programming or instruction set.
  3. Loss of use or functionality whether partial or entire of date coding, program, software, any computer or computer system or other device dependent upon any microchip or embedded logic and any ensuing inability or failure of the Insured to conduct business.

This endorsement shall not exclude subsequent Damage or Consequential Loss, not otherwise excluded, which itself result from a Defined Perils.  Defined Perils shall mean: fire, lightning, earthquake, explosion, falling aircraft, flood, smoke, vehicle impact, windstorm or tempest.

This endorsement shall not act to increase or broaden coverage afforded by this policy.

Such damage or consequential loss described in a), b), c) above, is excluded regardless of any other cause that contributed concurrently or in any other sequence.

In consequence of the all the foregoing the Annual Premium remains unaltered.

All other terms, conditions and exclusions of this policy remain unchanged.

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